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Pre-Production / Tracking / Editing 

Area 67 Recording Studio can help with all steps of the Pre-Production and recording process. Regardless of your experience level, genre, or end goals, Mike Villegas has the experience to help guide you the process.

We will always begin by having a meeting with you to get to know exactly what your goals are and how you want your recordings to sound.  This is the most important step as our number one priority is to help you get your specific vision achieved.

We would then schedule a time to begin the recording process. We have equipment at our studio that is free to use, and an assortment of gear available for rental.  You're also obviously more than welcome to bring your own instruments, amps, drums, ect.  We would get the studio set up in the best way to capture the sounds that you are looking for.  Everything involving the pre-production set up (mic placements, levels, etc.) are completely taken care of for you by our in house engineers. 

From there all you need to do is play the music you've been wanting to hear on a recording and let us take care of the rest! We consult with you all along the way to make sure things are sounding as you've been envisioning. 

Please feel free to schedule a tour of a facility, and have a meeting with Mike to see how Area 67 Recording Studio can get your music heard!

Basic Price's - Contact us to discuss your project and budget.


Pre Production:  -  $45.00/hr

  • Songs disected and reviewed to ensure best possible recordings can be accomplished.  Determine Mood, tones, feel, groove of songs and what emotion they are to convey.

  • Structure and arrangement worked out with lengths, tempos, key signatures. Determine if Key works well with Vocalist register.

  • Preparing for studio (practicing with click tracks, getting lyric sheets, tempos, keys signatures and scratch tracks together for each song).

  • Instrumentation for each song, MIDI instruments or sounds, and any special Instrumentation needs…

  • Instrument set ups, new strings, tunings, drum heads, sticks, etc.

  • Budgeting and time management considerations

  • Choosing proper studio’s, musicians. Writers

  • Tidying up any business related issues, such as writer credits, percentages, splits, publishing, musicians for hire, etc. 


Engineering - $35.00/hr

  • Session set up

  • Tracking, editing, vocal tuning

  • Basic mixing & mastering of session included.  More extensive mixing and mastering can be done at addition charge.

  • Copy of final mixes provided on cd (mp3 or wav), can be downloaded from A67 Online, or uploaded directly to your Soundcloud account.


Production -  $50/hr + 2-4% production points per song/ep/full length

  • Work with/or Engineer to insure recordings are moving within the vision of the artist/producer/record label

  • Work to maintain focus and direction or artists during the recording process.

  • Ensure that Time management, and budgetary commitments are in line with the artist/record label. 

  • Mix or work with mix engineer and artist to keep in line with artists vision

  • Quality control of final mixes, mix downs, making sure all needed versions of songs are fulfilled and delivered to artist/label.


* Area 67 Recording Studio offers online distribution to all major sites (iTunes, amazon, spotify, etc.) through the The Orchard (largest independent distributor in the USA) and Area 67 Music’s label.   We can also set up your own imprint label through The Orchard. 

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