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Our Story

Living a Music Life

Mikey “Vegas” Villegas started Area 67 as a Management company in 2006, which has grown over the years into artist development, producing, freelance engineering, label and Recording Studio.


Around the age of 7 or 8, Mikey knew that he wanted to be a music producer.  He would find himself fixing broken tapes that his parents would throw away, surprising them with his acts his passion to hear the music.  Over the years he knew he wanted to pursue this dream but had to overcome a series of obstacles first. He played in a few bands as a guitar player and occasionally drums.  One of his bands had the itch to record a record and he was the only one with any knowledge of basic recording stuff.  That really triggered his drive and he began pursuing a career in music production, starting with apprenticeship positions in a few studios.  He knew he would build up his knowledge and abilities to the point where he could open his own recording studio.  Eventually, his hard work and skill led Mikey to opening Area 67 Recording Studio in September 2017.


Mikey’s vision for Area 67 has changed over the past few years. His original goal was to have a small independent recording space. Area 67 started with Mikey alone in the studio, recording, mixing, mastering projects, and working with artists to develop and produce their sound/style.  That small dream rapidly evolved in recent years into the flourishing studio that Area 67is today. We have grown to add an assistant engineer, as well 3 other in house (freelance engineers), a video editor (intern) and a couple of Studio interns.  We also have a team of beat makers and a video production team.  We host our own podcast as well as the Davey Squires Podcast and Culture Club Podcast.  Today, that dream continues to develop with Area 67’s plans for the future- a full service facility that encompasses, Recording Studios, Production suites, video production, Podcast productions, voice overs, commercials, audio books, visual art, artist development, PR/Promotions, and in house record label with solid distribution.

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