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Learn Everything You Need TO Know About Recording Music From Home

Condensor Mic (Camera eye view)

Area 67 Recording Studio offers two 6-week group courses designed to teach you everything that you need to know to start recording music in a home studio:


Basics of Recording Course:

In six weeks you will learn everything that you need to know to get you started. We will cover everything from proper microphone placement, setting up your DAW, and capturing the sounds you need to make great sounding music. We will also cover the basics of mixing your recorded sounds to make a well blended and good sounding recording. Each session is 2 hours long.

Advanced Recording Course

This course is also six weeks (2 hours each week) and is designed for those who may already know the basics of recording music and want to jump right into more advanced tricks of the trade, as well as more in depth lessons on mixing and mastering to create a professional final product. It is also designed to pick up where the Basics of Recording Course left off for those who want to continue their education in audio engineering and recording.


Get in touch with Mike Villegas by calling Area 67 Recording Studio for any questions to see which course might be right for you, or save your spot today by easily booking online now! Only 5 spots are reserved for each course.

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