Podcast Services and Pricing

We offer 2 price tiers for podcast packages based on the number of people on the podcast.

Price tier 1 is for groups of people containing up to 5 people.


Price tier 2 is for groups of people containing 6-8 people. 

*Any projects containing more than 8 people will need to be discussed on a project-by-project basis. 

Basic Podcast Package (audio + optional editing)

1.) Starting at $50

2.) Starting at $75

Plus Package (Raw audio + video + editing)

1.) Starting at $100
2.) Starting at $150

Premium Package (Audio + Video + Editing)

1.)Starting at $150

2.) Starting at $200

+Livestreaming - $25



Ask about the multi-episode discount!

*Podcast must be 2 hours or less for these rates, any project longer than 2 hours is subject to negotiation.*