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Podcast Services

     We host and produce a number of podcasts at Area 67.   Producing, recording, editing and distribution podcasts is something we have done for a few years now.  From our in house podcast shows , to outside podcasters looking for an inviting and relaxing atmosphere to record and host their guests, we take pride in being an import cog in the content creation world.  

     Hit us up and lets talk about hosting your podcast show at Area 67.

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Podcast Services and Pricing

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We offer 2 price tiers for podcast packages based on the number of people on the podcast.

Price tier 1 is for groups of people containing up to 5 people.


Price tier 2 is for groups of people containing 6-8 people. 

*Any projects containing more than 8 people will need to be discussed on a project-by-project basis. 

Basic Podcast Package (audio + optional editing)

1.) Starting at $50

2.) Starting at $75

Plus Package (Raw audio + video + editing)

1.) Starting at $100
2.) Starting at $150

Premium Package (Audio + Video + Editing)

1.)Starting at $150

2.) Starting at $200

+Livestreaming - $25



Ask about the multi-episode discount!

*Podcast must be 2 hours or less for these rates, any project longer than 2 hours is subject to negotiation.*

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