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Meet The team


Mike "Vegas" Villegas

I'm Mikey "Vegas" Villegas, a Producer/ Engineer/Mix Engineer, and owner of Area 67 Recording Studio. My passion is MUSIC!!!  I started Area 67 Music in 2006, to help Artists/Bands develop their image, sound, creative style and tour management.  I utilized my experience in the industry as an artist, engineer, and producer, to help overwhelmed artists find direction. I focus on creating strong foundations, help artists to avoid potholes to creativity, and prepare artists to seize every opportunity. I feel very strongly about educating up and coming musicians about the industry and equip them with the knowledge to make the best decisions for their careers.

I have had the opportunity to manage a number of talented artists throughout the USA, as well as engineer, produce and mix over 100 records.  For 2 years, I worked as Label Manager for a boutique label, Soundmine MusicWorks (East Stroudsburg, PA) owned by Dan Malsch (Producer/Mix Engineer), where I managed a roster of 8 bands eventually stepping into the position of Studio Manager, Staff Engineer/Producer. Together, Dan and I developed Soundmine’s recording program, that is still thriving 3 plus years later. Working with Dan, I learned from the best professionals in the industry and worked with state of the art equipment. I became a “Gear Nerd” working on an SSL 4000 & Trident Series 70 recording consoles. ​

I am excited for what the next 10 years hold for Area 67, but if the last 10 are any indication, it should be a fun ride.  


James "JD" Doyle

JD is a mixing engineer and is best known for his creativeness, passion and hard work. I specialize in Rap, Hip-hop and Rnb.


I've worked with many client's all over! Artist such as MS2, IamMarshall, Sacrifice and Askizzy just to name a few.


I decided to become a mixing engineer a few years back, somewhere around 2010. I found myself buying equipment to record my own material to save money. I eventually had artist wanting me to record/mix their albums, singles and EPs.


Michelangelo Lovelace

What up Hip Hop! Michelangelo of Hip-hop is all this and all that. A Multifaceted artist, producer, video, director, podcast host, and engineer Driven by a philosophy that Art always turns out good when you have fun making it. Michelangelo is not only creative but also very knowledgeable having attended The Art Institute of Houston with professional experience in recording and mixing in Most DAW programs. Michelangelo has worked with artists such as Tezzo Tezzo, Meaty The General, Lil Bizzy, Coal Live and many more.


Arod (Mascot)

After Crash landing on a Minor League Baseball field in Ohio, this crash-landed alien made first contact with the area 67 team on Halloween in 2020. Without the existence of a universal translator, communication was tricky between the humans and the alien at first. However, when the Area 67 team brought Arod into the recording studio for the first time, Arod began vibing to the sick beats right away. Arod learned how to beatbox and it became their first way of communicating with each other. As an alien species on an unknown planet, Arod struggled to grasp the customs and ways of humanity. However, instead of conforming to Earth Trends, Arod Marches to the beat of his own drum and has built a reputation of being quite the loveable troublemaker.

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