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Times are different. Gone are the days where you have to strike oil in your backyard just to get your music recorded and heard by future fans. Now you can make crisp and professional sounding recordings of yourself or your band while you're in your pajamas at home. How do you get started? That's where Area 67 Recording Studio comes in. 

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Who Are We?

I'm Mikey "Vegas" Villegas, a Producer/ Engineer/Mix Engineer, and owner of Area 67 Recording Studio based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Like you, my passion is MUSIC!!! 

I have had the opportunity to manage a number of talented artists throughout the USA, as well as engineer, produce and mix over 100 records. Over the years, I've noticed that exciting things have been changing in the music industry. More and more artists have access to do a lot of recording from home. Why is this huge?  I think this gives an opportunity to get music that would normally go unheard out into the public.

So, as a music fan, I want to help.

 As much as I love recording artists in my own studio, I want to help make a bigger impact. I know I can do this by helping others learn what I do. By learning a few basics through my course, many musicians such as yourself can take the next step into creating their own demos and albums to get themselves to the next level. So how can all of this be done? It's simple, really.

Wait, Is This Really You?

You know how good it feels to finally put the finishing touches on the lyrics or chord progression of that song? Now imagine it as a totally finished product playing through your car stereo while you drive down the highway. It sounds like you've always heard it in your head. You can finally get your music on a cd or vinyl to sell at shows and be proud of the product. You can upload your music on to streaming services, Bandcamp and SoundCloud so that more and more people who are interested in what you do can find you. As a musician, you not only want your music to get out to the public, but you want it to be the best representation of your hard work as possible. Finally, your music can sound like it was recorded by professionals in a swanky recording studio, even if it just so happens that it was recorded by you in your garage. 

What You'll Learn

Proper Mic Placement

 To get a great sounding final product, you first need to learn how to capture the sound being played as purely as possible. This is where learning proper microphone placement comes in. You'll also learn (very in-depthly) about what mics are best for certain instruments and recording scenarios. Having a good understanding of these techniques alone will put you far ahead of most musicians recording from home. 

Setting Up/Using A DAW

In order to organize and work with the tracks of audio you'll be recording, you'll need to know how to use a DAW, or Digital Audio Workstation. Common DAWs include Pro-Tools, Logic, and Studio One. Nowadays, there are practically infinite options open to you if you know how to use a DAW, but that can make it hard to know where to start. Area 67 will show you all of the basics you need to get up and running, as well as a few cool tips and tricks along the way. 

Mixing Your Recording

Once you have all of your instruments tracked, the real art of recording music comes into play- mixing. By learning how to mix a song (we'll talk about a variety of song styles and scenarios) you can take your music to the next level of sounding polished and professional. Just like using a DAW, there are so many things to learn about the art of mixing, that it can be difficult to know where to start. I'll show you everything you need.

Learn How To Record Your Music In 6 Weeks Without Having To Sell All Of Your Gear To Afford It

What I'm so proud of about my Basics of Recording Course is that through my studio, I can teach more people about recording for a lot less money and time than you'd think. This helps the musical output of our community grow into the scene I know it can be. Since I personally teach this course out of my own studio, I'm able to offer a price that's under a tenth of traditional ways of learning how to record your own music. I want to help those who may not be interested in taking multiple semesters of school or getting an apprenticeship with a huge studio to learn these techniques. Is that you? 

 Since I'm in fact not a college or massive studio, I know I can't charge $6500 for this. So I'm not. Honestly, I don't want to. My mission here is to help as many musicians as I can.  Because of all of this, I'm at a price that's more friendly to a musician's budget.

The entire six-week course is only $599.99 (that's less than 50 bucks an hour!). I do require a $99 deposit upon signup to hold your spot. but the rest will not be due until the first session. To best serve the participants of my Basics Of Recording Course, I have to limit the number of sign-ups to only five, so be sure to book now before it fills up!

The Basics Of Recording Course is held once a week for six weeks. Each session is two hours long. Sign Up Today!

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